About Islam and Nazi Germany…


Despite obvious proofs, the existence of the Death Camps is still denied. As far as we are concerned, we have chosen to shed light on something that is not denied but that many would like to hide, the good old corpse in the cupboard that bothers everyone…

I name it: islamization of the Germany army!

This is where you think that we have lost our mind…

Are you so sure?


Haj Amin Al Husseini, Yasser Arafat’s mentor, “nazi-saluting” elements of the 13th SS Handschar Mountain Division, composed of Muslim from Bosnia

Adolf Hitler writes, on August 6th, 1943:

“We must guarantee to all Waffen-SS and police Muslim staff the indisputable right, required by their religion, not to eat pork meat or drink alcoholic beverages. They will have to be guaranteed equivalent menus. (…)(…) I order that any breach to these dispositions be punished without the slightest hesitation and I be informed”.


Well… will you say, it does not prove anything; they have the right to follow their religion. There were catholic and protestant chaplains in the German army…

Yes, but we are not describing a standard German army unit but we are talking of the Waffen-SS!

Ordinance N° 268/Waffen-SS on August, 1st, 1942 states:

“Chapter 3, Divisionspfarrer (chaplains), is to be ignored by the Waffen-SS”.

In other words, no religion is accepted within the Waffen-SS as it could disturb the ideological teachings on the party’s ideology guidelines, which are impregnated with radical anti-Semitism.



In a letter to Phleps and Kammerhofer, why does Himmler insist that Muslims “must be in a position to follow the rules of their religion” and that perpetrators of jokes towards Muslims should be punished? The Muslims in the unit are allowed to follow the rules of Islam. Himmler requires that pork and alcohol free cooking lessons be given to the supply divisions. The religious requirements: prayer 5 times a day turned towards Macca.

13th SS Division Muslim Chaplains visiting Berlin, 1943

13th SS Division Muslim Chaplains visiting Berlin, 1943

This is complicated… so did the Muslims have military chaplains and the others no? Is that right?

Yes, and it is a true exception in national-socialist body much influenced by German-Pagan mysticism. A privilege granted to no other religion! By the way, the recruitment of Christian military chaplains is stopped brutally in 1942.


Even better:

There is one mollah per squadron and one imam per battalion. Apart from spiritual comfort, they also clean the dead, as prescribed by Muslim rituals. Imams are raised to the rank of SS officers, from Waffen Untersturmfuhrer to Waffen Haupsturmfuhrer.

From June 1944, the SS imams are trained at the Islamic Institute of the University of Goettingen in Germany. During these trainings, more than 200 fighting imams were trained.


13th SS Handschar Division Collar Insignia

The Handschar SS 13th division, counting 60,000 men, formed on the impulse of the Great Mufti of Jerusalem, Hadj Amin al-Husseini (you should know that he had been named honorary officer of the Waffen-SS, which was necessary to train the SS imams next to SS Obergruppenfurher Gottlob Berger) is a complete exception with the Waffen-SS. They have privileges unseen before in the German army.

What about Hitler?

Here you go:

“I do not want that, because of the stupidity and narrow-mindedness of a few isolated individuals, even one of these heroic volunteers have to feel ill at ease and being deprived from the rights granted. (…) I order that each breach to these dispositions be punished without the slightest hesitation and that I be informed”.


Haj Amin al-Husseini, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem with the first SS Muslim Chaplains in Berlin, 1943. The skull insignia of the SS is clearly visible on the hats. An officer is watching, clearly wearing the runic letters “SS” on his collar.

As we cannot finish on a quote by the infamous moustached man, here is a thought from one of the Goys:

“It is strong to debunk Hitler on low level Islam ass-licking”.




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