In the name of Palestinians

By Tim “Pug” Larribau
Editor, Nations pour Israel

In our commitment to Israel, never has hatred of Palestinians been a driving force. Our love of Jews and our support for Israel, on the contrary, are the fruit of genuine humanism, a deep commitment to human rights and a cry of the heart for those who are mistreated, who are persecuted and suffer, whatever the source of their suffering.

We are non-jews who defend Israel and we are pro-Israel. And it is precisely because we are pro-Israel that we are the purest, the most sincere and the most authentic of pro-Palestinians.

Palestine no longer exists. It has never been a state, it has never been a nation, it has never been a people. Palestine was a region of the world, a geographical aggregate uniting the regions of Judea, Samaria, Galilee, the Negev Desert and the Mediterranean coastal strip between North Africa and Asia Minor. But this region is today called Israel, as it was before being renamed Palestine. Some, we know, refuse to designate this country by the name of Israel, preferring to continue calling it Palestine, for the sake of objectivity. But there can be no objectivity. To call France Gaul would be to deny the existence and the legitimacy of France and to call Israel Palestine implies denying the existence and legitimacy of Israel.

But it would be futile to deny that there is a people of Palestinians. Not a people of Palestine, but a people of Palestinians. And today, Palestinians are in a terrible human emergency for which any man or woman who has a semblance of love of his neighbor must react. The fate of humanity is at stake. The fate of human nature is in peril. The humanist conception of the human soul is called into question.

Already, as we speak, Palestinians are no longer humans, they are Palestinians. They are no longer part of humanity, they are only Palestinians. There is, in our day, a whole people who has lost their human essence to be defined only by an ideological notion. Palestinians are no longer humans, they are only Palestinians.

According to one of the founding texts of Western values, the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America:

“[…] all men are created equal; they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; among these rights are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Palestinians do not have these rights. A Palestinian born man has Palestinian rights, not human rights. And, moreover, he has far more duties than rights. He has a duty to be a victim all his life. He has a duty to suffer. He has a duty to live in bad conditions. He has a duty to show the world the face of misfortune. Above all, he has the supreme duty to impersonate the reason he exists: to accuse, by his very existence, Israel and the Jews.

As a Palestinian, his only reason for existence and his only value is to put moral pressure on Israel and to justify Antisemitism. Whether born or raised in Gaza, living in Ramallah or surviving the degraded health conditions of a refugee camp in Syria, a Palestinian has no right to life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness. He exists only to justify Antizionism, he has value only to criticize Israel. His life must be a media covered ordeal to accuse Israel. His freedom must be kept to a minimum to put pressure on Israel and his pursuit of happiness has been totally annihilated to make room for the Palestinian cause. He is no longer human, he is not a free individual with rights. He is only a Palestinian, entirely devoted to the Palestinian cause.

Let’s talk about the Palestinian cause. In a land Arabs have never known how to develop, which they have not been able to exploit, which they have not succeeded in developing, Palestinian demands can only be a joke. Who would want to create a state to go back to the misery, under-population and underdevelopment that was obvious before the first massive Jewish return from Europe in the 1880s? What do the proponents of the Palestinian cause offer? Since the 1920s and the first actions of Haj Amin Al-Husseini, there has been nothing but the capture of power, corruption, incompetence, fraudulent enrichment, riots, abuses, murders and crimes against humanity. At best, they offer a vague adaptation of a Planned Economy, inspired by pan-Arab nationalist socialism, which does not stop from collapsing everywhere where it was put in place, leading to the rise of radical Islam and brutal , ethnic and religious violence; a cocktail that is already very popular among Palestinians. The Palestinian cause, based on the dream of a great Arab Muslim state from the Euphrates to the Mediterranean and from Yemen to Turkey, no longer has any form of legitimacy or credibility. Who still has an interest in the Palestinian cause? Only a Palestinian elite craving for more power and wealth, based on Arab-Muslim nationalism, inspired by Nazi theses and more or less supported by an Arab world nostalgic of its past greatness, is still interested. Why ? For ancestral and religious hatred of the Jew who must submit to the precedence of Islam, and be massacred if he resists, and by dream of the Islamic unity of lands conquered in the 7th and 8th century.

The Palestinian individual, in all this, does not matter. His life, his self-fulfillment, the future of his family, all that does not matter. What matters is that he impersonates, through his actual or staged suffering, justification of the Palestinian cause and legitimization of a Palestinian state that will never be legitimate. From the cradle, he is familiar with weapons, with combat suits, with explosive belts. From childhood, he is taught to hate Jews held responsible for all the suffering of the Islamic nation. As a teenager, he is trained to throwing stones at IDF tank, drilled to stab Jews, taught the handling of rockets or the secrets of propaganda. If he reaches adulthood, he will have children who he will unscrupulously dill to embrace the tradition of anti-Jewish hatred he inherited.

It’s been the same pattern since 1948. While the Arab refugees from former Palestine should have made their lives in their host countries, building their future where they were, they have been kept in their Palestinian refugee status, specially tailored for them and transmitted from father to son since 1948. While the origin of each displaced person and the damage actually suffered should have been accurately assessed, it was decided that any Arab who had lived in Palestine between June 1946 and May 1948 was entitled to Palestinian refugee status. Even a young Syrian from Damascus who found work in Galilee in January 1946 and who only returned home two years later, as if an Italian immigrant to the US in 1895 and returned home in 1897 could be considered a US refugee. And while there are only about 50,000 remaining of those who left Palestine during the fighting of Israel’s 1948 War of Independence, without even addressing the issue of their real origin and why they left, there are today almost 5 million Palestinian refugees, some of whom, a funny anomaly, are considered “Palestinian refugees” while living in Gaza or in the “West Bank” claimed as “Palestinian territories” as if a New Yorker could be a “US refugee“ because he lives in New Jersey. With a refugee status unique in the world, with a refugee agency dedicated to this cause, UNWRA, with specific funding from around the world and with a never-ending list of Palestinian-specific legal exceptions, “Palestinian refugees” are grown like corn of wheat for one purpose only: to perpetuate the Arab-Israeli conflict, which should have been settled by the verdict of arms as early as 1948. Instead, hatred is promoted, restlessness is encouraged, focus on this conflict is kept and, as a battery of chickens led to the slaughterhouse, a whole Palestinian people with no history, no national coherence and whose only national symbol, the Palestinian flag, was borrowed from socialist pan-Arabism and the dream of Arab-Muslim imperialism, is being continuously raised.

Why on earth do we do that? Why do we create from scratch, defying all reason, opposing the natural order of things and even the rules accepted for the rest of the world, a people without history and without a future, maintained in the myth of his suffering and his “Nakhba” instrumentalized up to having parents of killed children declare: “I still have others to sacrifice for the cause”?

The reason is not very hard to find. It is the same since 1948: push the Jews to the sea and get rid of Israel. Hatred of Jew is the only reason for all this infamous genetic manipulation of the history of men. To continue to attack and harass the Jews, a people has been created from scratch and it’s only reason for being will be to justify hating, fighting and ultimately exterminate Jews.

The founder of the Palestinian cause is in himself evidence of this: The historical leader of the Palestinian cause, Hadj Amin Al Husseini spent the Second World War in Berlin, encouraged the formation of Muslim SS units in Yugoslavia, was personally involved in the final solution to the Jewish question by opposing deportation to Palestine of Jewish children who died in Nazi camps and being the first non-german to be informed of the goal and methods of the Holocaust. After the war, former SS officers will supervise the Palestinian Fedayeen, while criminals against humanity were recruited by Syria or Egypt as advisers against Israel. Even today, the enemies of Israel, Hezbollah, PLO, Fatah and Hamas, make the Nazi Salute, refuse to teach the Holocaust and glorify Adolf Hitler. The Palestinian cause, which is nothing other than the prolongation of Nazi Antisemitism by other means, artificially created a whole people. Is it surprising when his inspirers thought they could eliminate a whole people or forge a master race as easily?

We state it today: this Palestinian cause, that is to say the totalitarian breeding and enslavement of millions of people for the sole purpose of hatred and extermination of the Jews, is the greatest moral crime against humanity in history. A “Frankenstein” people created only to eliminate another. It is an unspeakable horror and an unsustainable perversion.

We call for the liberation of Palestinians from this infamous destructive and inhuman ideology. We affirm Palestinians’ right to be something other than ideological ammunition against Israel. We affirm that Palestinians are humans, in full humanity, that it is immoral and intolerable to reduce them to a status of subhumans programmed to kill Jews. We affirm that Palestinians are individually entitled to life, to freedom, to the pursuit of happiness. We affirm that Palestinians have the inalienable right to overthrow their elites and their leaders who use them for hatred, according to, once again, the American declaration of independence which states:

[…] governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That, whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.

In the name of Palestinians, we call for an immediate end to this conspiracy against humanity called the Palestinian cause, to reinstate Palestinians in the community of humanity by giving them the same rights and duties and thus put an end to their statutory, financial and legal particularism, to dissolve and fight, if necessary, the Palestinian authorities, groups and factions that keep Palestinians in a reprehensible and intolerable tyranny and to recast all the financial and material assistance to stolen by and for the Palestinian cause to concentrate it effectively on the construction and individual peaceful development of any Palestinian who wishes to freely secure his future and that of his children in the great human family, within the framework of life he has chosen and for which he assumes the rules of life in society.

In the name of Palestinians, whom we must encourage with all our might in this direction, let us recall Golda Meir’s scathing words of truth:

“Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.”

The key to peace is there, in the end of the deadly Nazi Palestinian cause, the end of the indoctrination of Palestinians in the hatred of Jews.

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